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Software Advice Reviews of ConsignPro

Don't be a Software "Sucker"

Don't be fooled. Cloud software is EXPENSIVE.

With headlines like, "lowest startup costs" and "no big upfront payment" you'd naturally think you're saving money and doing the right thing. In truth, a cloud solution is the most expensive long-term solution you can buy.

With ConsignPro, you pay $995 (once) for our award-winning "installed" software. With a cloud-based solution, you pay about $150/month, forever. A little quick math says that after about 6 ½ months, you're effectively starting to buy the same software again, whereas ConsignPro customers pay once and own it forever.

The chart below illustrates my point - a point that, I hope, will SAVE YOU MONEY.

ConsignPro vs. Cloud Cost*



You Just Saved

1 year Cost




5 year Cost




10 year Cost




*Assumes you remain enrolled in our Annual Support Program ($200/year). If not, you save even more money. Assumes your cloud solution is $150/month.

Take our "cloud calculator" for a spin to see exactly how much you'll save.

Now if you have a lot of extra money for software, or if you're convinced you need a cloud-based program because you don't intend to be in the store very often (a mistake), or if you need to run your store with an iPad because "it looks so cool", buy a cloud solution. It's your money, we're just trying to help you keep more of it in your pocket!

Read more about the pitfalls of cloud-based software.

Like Saving Money? Buy ConsignPro today and use discount code "secret" on our secure order page for an instant $100 savings!

Competitors Headlines Decoded

Search the Internet and you'll see a lot amazing offers. Many sound too good to be true, in fact, most are. Below we've grabbed some of those headlines and, having done this for 20 years, tell you what's really going on.

Software Review Sites (Software Advice & Capterra) - These sites are lead generation sites. They pay Google to rank very highly in the search results and provide "reviews" to customers while selling those leads (or clicks) to software vendors like us. You've probably already learned more about resale shop software than they know.

"Fake" Software Review Sites - One of our competitors software is so bad, that rather than rely on real software review sites that post actual customer reviews, this "software vendor" has created his own "review" site, where, go figure, his sofware comes out on top! You've gotta hand it to Steve over at BCSS, he sure is creative! More info

Free Lifetime Support! - The vendor that advertises this has a record of providing almost no support to his customers. It's easy to be free when it's either terrible or non-existent. Unfortunately, you won't know that until you buy his software. We've converted about 50 customers from this software to ConsignPro in the last 5 years.

No / Low Startup Costs! - Translation: we rent you the software and we will get a lot of money from you over time. This is the SaaS model (Software as a Service, Cloud) model mentioned above. You will end up spending many times more than you should over just two years time.

Free Open Source Software - Open source means that they turn over the software source code to you and you're on your own. They offer no support for the software. This would be great if a programmer decided to open up a resale shop!

Bottom Line - In life you get what you pay for. Go cheap and you'll most likely do it twice. Go SaaS and you'll spend many times more than you should. We fit right in the middle, we offer reasonably priced software that you buy and own. Our pricing allows us to have three full-time support people who are here to help you when you need it. Think of ConsignPro as the Goldilocks of resale shop software!

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